Friday, 6 October 2017

October Lecture 2017 - Both Sides of the Wire

Our lecture series continues Thursday 19 October, at Tuam Library, High St at 8 pm. The lecture is entitled “Both Sides of the Wire - World War I: The German-Tuam Connection”.

We are delighted to welcome longtime Tuam resident Willi Kiefel as our guest speaker. Willi is now retired after a long career with Pulse Engineering, CEL Electronics and then Valeo Automotive. Willi is an OTS member for over 30 years and was instrumental in the Tuam-Straubing twinning process, originally hailing from Steinach, close to Straubing in Bavaria. He also has a keen interest in the environment and sustainability as well as being a trustee of Feasta, the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability.

In what promises to be a fascinating and well-illustrated lecture ‘Both Sides of the Wire’ will discuss the tragedy of the Somme, and other WWI battles, through an exploration of the lives of local Tuam combatants and of Willi’s own family, the careers of his granduncles and his grandfather, Alfons Bielmeier, who fought in the Bavarian Infantry Regiments. ‘Both Sides of the Wire’ is a thoroughly researched study of the lives of ordinary infantrymen on both sides of that apocalyptic conflict.

Thursday, 19 October, 8 pm
Tuam Library
All Welcome