Wednesday, 6 September 2017

September Lecture 2017 - Suffer Little Children: Life in the Workhouse

The Old Tuam Society is delighted welcome back historian Dr Gerard Moran for our first lecture of the 2017-18 season. Gerard's talk focuses on the lives of children during the Great Famine. Children made up to 40% of the inmate population of workhouses during the Great Famine. They were deserted, abandoned, orphaned, illegitimate or entered with their families because they had no where to go.  Why was the mortality level so high among children who became inmates and how were they treated? This lecture examines the conditions which children endured in places like Tuam Workhouse during the Great Famine.

Dr. Gerard Moran lectured at NUI Galway and at NUI Maynooth, where he was director of the MA in Irish History. He has published extensively on 19th-century Ireland and among his publications are Sending Out Ireland’s Poor: Assisted Emigration to North America in the Nineteenth Century; Land, Famine, Emigration and Politics and The Mayo Evictions of 1860. He is also joint editor of Galway: History and Society (1996) and Mayo: History and Society (2014).

Tuam Library, High St.
21 Sept @ 8 pm
All Welcome